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An Insight OF World Religions

Worldwide, tremendous diversity exists in religious beliefs and specializes in. Overall, about percent of the world’s population adheres to some religion; only about percent is nonreligious. This level of adherence changes over time, and also varies based on country age group. In the states today, those by country and age group. In the united states today, those who are nonreligious account less than percent of the population; in , however, they constituted a mere many. percent of all Americans.

And in , percent of incoming U.S. college students said, they either were not looking towards spiritual or religious matters of had significant doubts Barrett et al. ; Higher Education Research Institute ; Sax et al. . Christianity is the largest single faith in the world; the second largest is Islam. Although global news events often suggest an inherent conflict between Christians and Muslims, the two faiths are similar in many ways and means Waqia e meraj in urdu .

Both are monotheistic that is, with different single deity; both include a belief in prophets, an afterlife, and a judgment day. In fact, Islam recognize Jesus as a prophet, thought not the son of God. Both faiths impose a moral code on believers, which varies from fairly rigid proscriptions for fundamentalists to relatively relaxed guidelines for liberals The followers of Islam, called Muslims, understand that Islam’s holy scriptures were received from Allah God by the prophet Muhammad nearly , years in. They see Muhammad as the last long line of prophets, preceded by Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

Islam is more communal in its expression than Christianity, particularly the more individualistic Protestant variations. Consequently, in countries that are predominantly Muslim, the separation of religion and the state is not considered necessary or perhaps desirable. In fact, Muslim governments often reinforce Islamic practices through their law. Muslims do vary sharply in their interpretation of several traditions, some that such as the wearing of veils by women are, more cultural than religious in basis. Like Christianity and Islam, Judaism in monotheistic. Jews reckon that God’s true nature is revealed typically the Torah, which Christians know as customers five books of the Old Testament.

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